New Mexico Global Light Center: Two Days of Healing, Vision Quest and Integration

$625.00 $555.00


Eagle Nest, New Mexico
August 5-7, 2019

You are selecting this option if you cannot attend the full event but wish to partake of the two days of Full Spectrum Water and Zero Point Energy Technologies, Vision Quest and Integration. 

Lecture: “Full Spectrum Water, The Mother of all Life”

Water becomes a medium for miraculous  transformation by bridging the world of science and spirituality.   Learn how you can transform the water within your body and the Earth waterways using several different tools and systems so that all can enjoy healthy, clean, vibrant water now and for generations to come. We will discuss effective methods to revitalize the oceans, rivers, lakes and the water we drink and bathe in.

Together with shared intentions of love and respect to the spirit and substance of water we will change our relationship with water and the Earth. ~Randy Hatton


Tuesday, August 6: Vision Quest, Walk the Land, Individual Session Shares

Wednesday, August 7: Integration, Experiencing the Water, Individual Share

Fee: $222


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