Green Lotus of Life

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This is the Green Lotus of Life, useful for turning everything in your life and living GREEN: meaning sustainable, profitable, and downright Down To Earth. Get it before it’s gone….!



This is the Hottest, I mean HOTTEST item on the market. Get it today, no – GET IT NOW!

In earlier times looked as though this was the key to the universe, was the key to the return home to Sirius. A, Sirius B This is the configuration of the star matrix of the portals and of the plasma field. It is the relational aspect to how matter can converge, can transmute into higher, higher frequency wave forms. And it is through the zero point that you travel, that your consciousness travels. And this is indeed the way that we have traveled to you. We have come through the interstellar gateways and as we have heard your signal in your pure heartedness, we have come to you to inform you, to help you to bring about understanding of who you are and what you are as stardust as star aspects of this star matrix. Because it is the very foundation of the universe. It is how the universe is constructed from the zero point flows, all living things as you are recognizing in this awareness, it is your pure heartedness and your intention for which we speak to you. You are to go out among the people and to share what you know and how you are and you are to draw, draw it out, paint it out, dance it out. This is the pure joyousness of creation. We say that as you are recognizing in this manner of beingness that you shall understand the way forward shall be paved with rose petals beneath your feet, showing you the way.

1 review for Green Lotus of Life

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    The BEST Lotus ever, Thank You!

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