A Call to Remember


Follow Your Heart, Change the World



A Call to Remember provides the reader with a fabulous guide to this magical period we have entered into as well as explanations and analogies of how, through personal responsibility and the power of intention, each one of us contributes to creating a favorable and preferred reality outcome on this planet of ours we call home. Malia Scanlan, Global Designs, LLC “Transforming Organizations, Industries, and Leaders


“Her words remind us of the connections we sensed in our hearts.” Martha Randolph Carr, author of A Place to Call Home


My own capacity for joy and for spiritual seeing has opened significantly since working with Carol- she is a national treasure!” Maureen Riley, Playwright, The Mary Magalene Story, Chicago, IL


[A Call to Remember] is also timely. I am confident it will find a wide audience.” Mary Jane Banks, Editor, Washington, DC


With Carol’s help, ‘Follow Your Heart’ changes from a meaningless cliche into a clear sense of direction about your path and purpose, as an individual and as a drop in the Ocean of Unity.” Keith Harrington, East Meets West Center, Vienna, VA, USA

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