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 For Healing Broken Hearts

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Songs and Stories of Creation from Carol Fitzpatrick, a modern-day Scheherazade, and partner Mark Torgeson, a great improviser in the tradition of Beethoven, as they weave a spell of enchantment fueled by the Elohim and danced by the Fairies!

Album Notes

Joy is one of a series of four public presentations given by Carol Fitzpatrick and Mark Torgeson called Songs and Stories of Creation. The intent of these presentations was to tap into and bring forth a high vibrational frequency of transformation and love. All performances were created in the moment, with no premeditation of word or music. The inspiration for the speaking and the music came from energetic streams of consciousness who call themselves the Ascended Masters and Elohim. As such, there is a stately quality to these expressions punctuated by a whimsical lightness of joy. The energies that are transmitted come from a multiplicity of dimensions with the purpose of awakening the listener to those same realms which are inherent within.

This body of music and voice came into creation where consciousness merges with thought. Human joy and angelic helpers merge to manifest our heart’s desire. The imagination is activated, directly linked to the Elohim, who say: “We are God’s Messengers. We listen to your prayers, hopes and desires and deliver from the source of God the vibration of joy to help you realize your heart’s desire. Listen to this music and Us through the voice of the channel. Connect to your imagination as we return you, just a moment, to the innocence of a child.”

Learn more about the work of Carol and Mark: www.onenessofbeing.org



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