Fear Not My Child – I Am Here


Emerging from the Spiral of Fear


The Author presents a compelling first person account of modern-day alchemy in-action. Fitzpatrick decodes the mysteries of energetically delivered teachings as her Spiritual guides challenge her to surrender her fears to God. Fear Not My Child is for anyone who is seeking solace in knowing that we all are truly One with Everyone. It teaches us that darkness is an illusion of the mind, which has no hold over us. The author challenges readers to claim their birthright as spiritual beings of Light, while also providing a clear path to say to the change they wish to invoke. The many Spiritual masters tells us, we are not the physical body, that we are in fact divine beings of Light. When writing the book, the author asked, If we are truly that, then how do we throw off the illusions of pain and suffering we have come to identify with? Who are we if we are not the fear we hold in our hearts? She found their answer, and many more answers to questions, life-transforming.

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