Sacred Circle Facilitator Training and 32GLC Team Building Practices



October 25 – 29, 2019
Sacred Circle Facilitator Training and 32GLCĀ Team Building

Fredericksburg, VA

Carol will be teaching GLC facilitator team training and sharing the content common to all GLCs.

Join us for two full days of Oneness Practices for Facilitating Sacred Circles and GLC Team Building. Listed below are just a sampling of what you will learn, and put into practice. This is an introduction to the foundations of Sacred Circle Facilitation and GLC Team Building

What you will learn:

  • Heart-based Transformational Practices
  • The Tenets of any healthy sacred circle
  • How to create and maintain an intentional field that honors all
  • Honoring the heart and soul of the individual while holding the energy container of the collective wisdom
  • Looking out for the most vulnerable
  • Aligning in Oneness
  • The Team Covenant and Honoring the Inner Light of Wisdom
  • Roles for growing a morphogenic collective field (bio-plasma field)
  • Foundational principles of a Trinity
  • Alignments and how to stay fluid and in deep listen mode
  • The wobble affect of Teams and how to stay neutral to allow for maximum flow

Lunches and snacks will be served both days to allow for maximum immersion; dinner is on your own.


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